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After going through much more news of the items or accessories of the game, please allow me to introduce some details of the website itself of the wildstar online.

wildstar online

The Wildstar Online

In the very beginning, you will be told that it only referred to the wildstar power leveling. And we would like to introduce the important issue to you that you ought to be aware of.

Firstly, we have more than eighty levelers online and will provide you with the service all the time, which would not be influenced by the different time zone. Secondly, we will inform you by email or call once the leveling is done. Thirdly, which is the most important is that you should not disclose your account information to anyone else during the leveling or do not kick our leveler off during the leveling process.

Except this, you should be aware of the following matters to assure your account safely. Firstly, we only do power leveling manually and we never use bots or any illegal methods to finish your level. Secondly, we use VPN or Ploxy to login your account and we are always online, so you can contact with us at any time and we will deal with the problems as soon as possible. Thirdly, we always delete your account info once the leveling is done, so there is no need to care about your security of your account.

Surely, the above narrations are part of our website, and if you wonder more details, you can visit us at

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