World of… Wildstar

Once upon a time there was a world known as… No, I’m just joking.

Recently I’ve stumbled into many MMOs after my falling out with Blizzard’s MMO called World of Warcraft. After playing through a hand full of betas and quite a few released MMOs I had come to the conclusion that there will be no MMO like, or shall I say “as great as,” WoW–and then there was Wildstar.

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Now if you don’t already know what this game is, let me talk about it a little.

wildstar has two opposing factions, The Exile and The Dominion, which consist of four races on each side–along with six classes to choose from. Now on top of all those choices to make, the game gives you the option to play your hero (or villain) just the way you like. Paths are basically how you decide to play MMOs; for example, if you are big into exploring EVERYTHING, they have a path for that, along with a path for killing everything in sight and then some! They have only released four paths total, but with everything else already in the game, how much more do you really need?!

So now they have me interested, looking further into the game play I see more and more interesting things come to life.

Housing with buffs to experience and things like an ore field in the front yard that you can gather resources from! As I explored the combat system for the game I found that it feels and looks very cell-shaded but smooth and simple, which is exactly what I was looking for.  Now don’t get me wrong, I’ve not been in the beta (yet) but game play videos and screenshots have shown nothing but amazing scenery and beautiful combat systems along with interesting boss fights and zones. From my perspective, they’ve decided to make this game nothing less than the best MMO and are working very hard on doing so.

The biggest thing that caught my eye was the simple fact that in every video I had watched or post I had read, the developers decided to put a little bit of humor of their own in. For example, when I watch a game play video and the person talking about Wildstar tells me I have the option to kill sheep, or keep them for fun.  I giggle a little inside just thinking about how silly it was to put into a professional video. This tells me that they are taking this game really seriously in some aspects, but they still want people to have fun and not fall asleep at the keyboard trying to level cap their character.

That said, there is room for improvement obviously, the game hasn’t released and isn’t even close to an open beta right now. But I have high hopes for this game and from what I’ve seen so far, they are doing exactly what I would do if I made an MMO.  As long as the game is fun to play, I’ll be all over Wildstar.

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