WildStar’s third beta test is all right for fighting

There is a reference to a song in every single sentence, sometimes multiple songs.  Enjoy hunting!

The Dominion and the Exiles cannot just get along, they cannot be friends, and they cannot give peace a chance. So the testing for WildStar thus far has kept them separated, with both sides testing on different weekend. But according to patch notes released today by Carbine Studios, the upcoming test is starting a riot, letting both factions loose in the same playground. The notes include a request that testers look into the game’s setup for potential griefing hotspots to ensure that they’re fixed before launch rather than remain a spot of constant sorrow.

So is this patch just sporting the one change? Oh, you ain’t seen nothing yet. Even if we disregard the ability and build changes outlined, the patch introduces rated battlegrounds and arenas for the game’s universal soldiers. There are also improvements to the housing interface, the introduction of the not-yet-functional tradeskill talent UI, and an expansion of quickslot abilities. And even if you’re not in the testing and can’t go your own way, there’s plenty to make you wonder.

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