WildStar’s lead PvP designer on differentiation and dynamics

The Draken are just suited to PvP.  And any sort of combat, really.

Wildstar features a huge world, a variety of wildlife, an in-depth housing system, a variety of questing mechanics… but for some players that’s just not the interesting part. No, the interesting thing is finding out how you can take up arms against a fellow player. A new interview with lead PvP designer Jen Gordy sheds some light on the game’s PvP mechanics and how the designers are using this side of the game to continue encouraging players to play the game how they want.

There will be two PvP-centric stats on the game, one to improve damage to other players and one to decrease it. The development team is also including features like the ability to minimize the duration of a stun once you’ve been hit to avoid having PvP matches boil down to a race to incapacitate the other side. But both PvP and PvE are meant to still work toward the same whole — things that you get on one side will be useful on the other, freeing you to explore the game aspects you find the most rewarding. Read the full interview for more details on how you can cut down your fellow players for glory and (presumably) profit.

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