WildStar’s Jeremy Gaffney on progression, tradeskills, and endgame

In the first part of our interview with Carbine Studios executive producer Jeremy

Gaffney, we discussed everything we could about the Settler path. In this followup

interview, he divulges the beautiful details on essential parts of the game:

progression, tradeskills, and the elder game.
Interview Wildstar's Jeremy Gaffney on Progression, Tradeskills, and Endgame
WildStar has been setting a fun tone with each new video that’s released. As it turns

out, that same philosophy extends to nearly every corner of the game.

Massively: How does progression work? Specifically, how do I differentiate myself

from people of the same class and path?

Jeremy Gaffney: This is in flux right now. We are in beta, and this is exactly the

kinda stuff we are trying to tune right now. This will probably change, but I’ll give

you a snapshot of the current form. One of the ways you differentiate yourself is

stats, like your brutality level or your moxie. As you raise these to pick up levels,

they will unlock things for you. Some things are like more critical hit chance or

special powers that unlock talent-ish things or raise your brutality high enough that

now when you kill a monster, it drops a healing glob, so you can kill a bunch of

littler things and give yourself a healing pool for the big guy.

We want cooler perks attached to raising your stats. Sure, getting crit chance is

awesome, but unless you’re a spreadsheet wizard, you never really notice. We want

things that help change how you play your character.

So are these tree-like designs?

At the moment they’re not. Down the line, our combat guys might tweak things so that

there are more distinct paths, but we don’t plan on using a talent tree structure.

That’s kinda been done before. A lot. But then again, it’s much too early to say. It

might turn out down the road to be the best visual presentation for our system.

Will differentiation continue beyond level cap?

At the high end, we have an elder game system in which you’ll encounter advancement

that isn’t level-based. You’ll see skills and perks that unlock via achievements,

some of which are easy and some very difficult. Some of your early game decisions

will determine the difficulty of those challenges. If you’re a Granok, then you’ll

have more strength, which will make the strength-based unlocks easier to attain. If

you’re on the Soldier path, combat unlocks become easier. You won’t cripple yourself

by making the wrong decision, but certain achievements will be easier depending on

those choices.

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