WildStar’s Jeremy Gaffney discusses sandboxes and themeparks

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While WildStar has been offering a lot of previews to eager fans, that hasn’t stymied player questions. It’s been known for some time that the game aims at being a sandpark-style game, midway between themepark and sandbox principles, but what does that mean in execution? Executive producer Jeremy Gaffney penned a piece today responding to player discussion on the topic and explaining how the team at Carbine Studios is trying to offer something for everyone.

Gaffney explains that the team wants to ensure that players aren’t lost or unsure of what to do next while at the same time not keeping the entire game on rails. The main method of doing this is by having coherent quests and missions coupled with more spontaneous content dependent on the state of the zone — so while there might always be a quest hub to the north, more dynamic events are roaming to the south that you won’t always encounter. Read the full article for more on the game’s content layout and the importance of zone-by-zone player feedback.

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