Wildstar’s First Three Races and Classes Revealed

Right after NCsoft announced Wildstar, their newest MMORPG project, they also gave us a preview of three races and classes that will be available in this game. These are the three classes and races you saw in the cinematic trailer.

The races are:

  • Granok – a fierce race of mercenaries who have come to Nexus, look forward to cracking some Dominion skulls – free of charge.
  • Human – exiled from their homeworld by the tyrannical Dominion, hope to make planet Nexus their new home.
  • The Aurin – fleeing from Dominion invaders that are ravaging their forest homeworld, seek refuge upon the mysterious world of Nexus.

The three known classes are:

1. Warrior

The Warrior hits hard with a mix of vicious melee strikes and tech-powered attacks.


  • Fuel Cells – Power the warrior’s tech attacks such as Ripsaw, Leap and grenades. Fuel cells regenerate over time independently of one another.
  • Adrenaline – Generated and consumed by the Warrior’s sword based attacks. Adrenaline decays while out of combat.

2. Spellslinger

The Spellslinger deals death from a distance with a pair of magic infused pistols.


  • Charge – The greater the charge meter, the more damage the Spellslinger deals with attacks. Recharges over time and is refilled by magical abilities.
  • Arcana – Powers the Spellslinger’s magical abilities. Regenerates quickly in combat and decays slowly while out of combat.

3. Esper

The Esper conjures psychic spells that charge up devastating mental onslaughts.


  • Combo Points – Generated by Builder abilities such as Telekinetic Strike and consumed to improve the effectiveness of Finishing Moves such as Mind Stab. Degenerates while out of combat.
  • Mana – Required to cast magical abilities. Regenerates slowly over time while out of combat.

There are even more classes and races than these three so make sure to keep an eye on this site as we will surely be keeping track of Carbine’s announcements about all things Wildstar.

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