WildStar’s devs break all the things


If you participated in WildStar’s first stress test, aka The Stressening, or hope to jump in with its sequel, The Stress Continues, then this week’s WildStar Wednesday is for you. Carbine Studios community director Troy Hewitt, live producer Craig Turner, and senior community manager David Bass penned the latest blog entry to discuss how the stress tests are going and what, exactly, the team managed to break this go-round, starting with instances capping improperly and names being distorted. (This last bit is probably a blessing for those testers running around named Legolas and Tyrion Lannister. You know I’m right.)

Bass specifically addresses the challenges of herding gamers who are “used to the usual ‘STRESS TEST WEEKEND WOOOOOO!’ hype,” which is, you know, pretty much all of us. “The problem,” he wrote, “was that we needed to do an actual stress test… one where we kept adding more and more players until something broke so that we could see where our weaknesses were.” Like Bass, we’re sure the “promise of a future beta invite” soothed any grumpiness.

This is a unique game, everybody can try to entertainment, will be pleasantly surprised!

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