Wildstar:Level 30 – Pimp my Mordesh


We dinged level 30 and how could we not with the mighty race reveals in the what-have-you Mordesh and cuddly Chua! The esteemed Gazimoff joins us and lays down the skinny on all things Wildstar this week.

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0:0:30 – Welcome
0:3:40 – Gazimoff sounds off on the Chua and Mordesh
(Mentioned in this bit are assorted Zam articles)
0:12:25 – Gazz on lunch with da gaffer
0:26:25 – PvE gear, PvP gear in the end game continued
0:34:14 – Why is it popular to favor vanilla WoW?
040:14 – Daily Quests in MMOs
0:42:55 – With explorer paths, how do you think this will affect the sense of all other types of discovery in MMOs?
0:48:55 – Warparties get to trap bosses in PvE, what do PvE players get from the PvP world? How will it all work?

[IMG](By A.E.G.I.S. – An Exile Guild)
0:53:30 – Wildstar Wednesday: SDCC – “Your character’s the star.”
0:59:40 – What games have you been playing?
1:06:15 – Shoutros
1:08:50 – Pants or no pants?
1:11:30 – Tweet us your duck face selfies
1:13:45 – NWTQW – What race are you excited about?

1:18:25 – More Shoutros

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