You just landed on an alien planet. Majestic mountains in one direction, ancient overgrown ruins in the other. And unimaginable wonders waiting just beyond the horizon for those willing to take the risk… Lace up those boots, explorer. You’ve got a lot of work to do.http://hydra-images.cursecdn.com/wildstar.gamepedia.com/thumb/d/d7/Explorerlg.png/150px-Explorerlg.png

Explorers have journeyed across the stars to a legendary planet at the edge of the known universe. You know what? They’re just getting started. Someone has to trek into the dark and terrifying corners of this planet, climbing higher, digging deeper, and going farther than anyone else. That someone is the explorer.

Gain rewards from seeking out high vistas and exploring hidden caverns
Follow your locator; solve geographic challenges
For you if: You just have to find out what’s over that next hill.

Explore the wonders of an alien world. Travel to the darkest corners of this mysterious planet while discovering the locations of ancient artifacts of immense power. Explorers climb higher, dig deeper and go farther than anyone in order to claim territory in the name of their faction.

Mission Types


CartographyCartography icon.png

Making maps has never been more fun… or more dangerous! Travel into the untamed wilds of Nexus and chart territory for your faction.

ExplorationExploration icon.png

Nexus is chock full of secret places, and you’ll find every one! Use a combination of technology and agility to access hidden locations!

ExpeditionExpedition icon.png

The uncharted frontier awaits! Strike out into the great unknown, making sure to explore every last inch of the map. Cowards need not apply.

OperationsOperations icon.png

Exploring isn’t just about climbing mountains. Sometimes you gotta gear up, buckle down, and get a job done. Skills definitely pay the bills.

Scavenger HuntScavenger Hunt icon.png

Ancient artifacts? Check. Remote, inaccessible locations? Check. Fearless explorers who laugh in the face of danger? Oh yeah.

Staking ClaimStaking Claim icon.png

Nexus ain’t big enough for everyone, and second place sucks. So get out there, plant your flag, and claim this planet for your allies.

SurveillanceSurveillance icon.png

Get your secret agent on! There’s a war out there, and you need to set up remote surveillance devices to keep an eye on the enemy.

TrackingTracking icon.png

Ready to hunt? Track enemies, creatures and strange anomalies through the unforgiving terrain of planet Nexus. Epic rewards? You know it.

Explorer Path Rewards

·2: Ability: Explorer’s Speed Tier 1
·3: Item: Napsack
·3: Title: “the Adventurer”
·4: Item: Treasure Pile
·5: Item: Explorer’s Fedora Hat
·5: Ability: Eldan Endurance Tier 1
·6: Title: “the Scout”
·7: Item: Path Housing Reward IOU
·8: Item: Path Themed Vanity Item IOU
·9: Item: Explorer’s Polar Jacket
·10: Item: Path Mount Reward IOU
·10: Ability: Eldan Relic Tier 1
·10: Title: “the Navigator”
·14: Ability: Explorer’s Speed Tier 2
·15: Title: “the Cartographer”
·18: Ability: Eldan Endurance Tier 2
·20: Title: “the Expeditionist”
·23: Ability: Eldan Relic Tier 2
·25: Title: “the Anthropologist”
·27: Ability: Explorer’s Speed Tier 3
·29: Ability: Eldan Endurance Tier 3
·30: Ability: Eldan Relic Tier 3
·30: Title: Founder

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