The Draken call the planet Mikros home. For a thousand years they have led the unstoppable war machine of the Dominion military, slaughtering all who dare face them on the field of battle. They are savage and unyielding.

They have come to Nexus at the behest of the Dominion, intending to hunt every last creature on that savage world, to sunder the infernal machines the Eldan left behind, and to slaughter the enemies of the emperor, wherever they may hide.


Azrion the Conqueror, emperor of old, came to Mikros and challenged the High Clanlord Zhur. Zhur was strong, but Azrion was stronger. The Draken swore eternal loyalty to the emperor, and today follow his heirs.

View of other races

*Draken hate the Exiles, but respect their instincts and cunning. They are survivors, and survivors make good prey.     The Granok are especially worthy.
*Marauders make good sport and are considered agile, well-armed, and bloodthirsty.
*The Krogg of the Darkspur Cartel are also worthy foes. They are criminal scum, but they fight like wild beasts.

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