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So I’m kinda interested in WildStar now, and I’m completely obsessed with Star Citizen. What the heck do these two games have in common? Well, not much aside from the fact that both of those wily dev teams are drip-feeding delicious bits of lore to ravenous fan bases.

On the one hand I love that Roberts Space Industries and Carbine are devoting time and energy to fleshing out their respective backstories and doling out small details while we wait. On the other hand, there’s something to be said for absorbing all your world lore in-game via quests, cutscenes, and the like.

So how about it, Massively crew? Assuming you care about MMO lore, do you scarf up all the pre-launch tidbits on your next big thing, or are you holding off until you can actually play?



I LOVE lore, pre-launch or otherwise.

Reading about it also gives me something to do related to the game when I can’t play it, such as in between classes at college.

It also helps me flesh out the race/class I would like to be in the game itself.

I think more games need to be well-written. Not everyone plays these as a mindless point scoring game. Some of us like deep and involved worlds, and for that you need detailed background lore.

If you’re not into lore, STOP PLAYING RPGs!


I do care about pre-launch lore, but I’m burning out on it.  I don’t think I’m the only one.  I find that it often takes a back seat to game-play mechanics and other such considerations.  That is, it’s created to support the use of a particular mechanic or system of game-play, such as the three factions in the upcoming TESO supporting the predetermined (and set-in-stone) PvP system, rather than developing mechanics and systems that support the lore.  This seems especially to be the case for MMOs, but I’ve seen it happen with other games as well.  As a result, the lore is often poorly written and/or poorly implemented.  GW2 is the example that comes to mind first as an already released game that is mechanically excellent, yet contains tiresome, demotivating storylines as a result, but there are others.

I suppose it’s easier to tweak and re-tweak the lore of a setting to explain the use of a particular mechanic than it is to push new technology or develop new mechanics that better support the lore.

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