WildStar will join the plug-in developer tools can change the game UI

Recently , “WildStar” producer Jon Wiesman revealed in an interview to the players , the game will be added in the future plug-in development tools, the players will be used in the first game modules.
According to reports, the plug-in development tools called ” Houston (Houston)”, allows players to create their own plug-ins to expand the game’s UI. In addition , in order to enhance the player’s experience , the production team will also release this game by game studio Carbine authorized source

Currently a test of female players participating in the game have been the first to experience the plug-in software development , but she also uses the software to develop a game in the first set of plug-ins and modules , and its functions are team players and characters that can be used model replacement.

“WildStar” developed by the Ncsoft North Carbine Studios , is a sci-fi fantasy style color + online games , the game screen with an American cartoon style, set in a planet called Nexus . This is a work , or the difference between the existing MMO , the game will open for high-end players . Recently participated in Seattle PAX2012 Game Show , the game announced a number of new screenshots , showing the three kinds Occupation : Warrior , magic and super powers gunmen gorgeous skill effects.

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