WildStar welcomes us to Gallow, teases big reveal

WildStar welcomes us to Gallow

Carbine hosted a light WildStar Wednesday this week due to traveling to E3, and as such we’ve been given a slew of pictures to tide us over. The five screenshots are of Gallow, one of the towns in WildStar that is located in Algoroc.

Gallow appears to be a frontier town with a handful of structures, including a rickety water tower. It sits nestled in a mountainous region marked by pine trees, lush grass, and jutting red buttes.

If you feel a little robbed by this week’s reveal, Carbine promises that next Wednesday will present a doozy: “Behind the scenes, the community team is working on a pretty major project that we’ll unveil at next week’s WildStar Wednesday, so stay tuned for an in-depth first look at something we’ve never shared about WildStar!”


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