WildStar Wednesday: State of the Beta

Carbine’s back with another blog post about the state of the beta. Today’s post is by Mike Donatelli and highlights some major design changes to certain gameplay systems. Check out the entire post at the link below.

Mike Donatelli

During each phase of beta, I try to make a big post to the testers about the feedback we’ve received and the things we were doing to address it. Based off the feedback we’ve seen in CBT2 and CBT3, we’ve decided to make some big changes to address the hottest topics we’ve been seeing, both from our beta testers as well as from outside sources.

Surprisingly, this is also the end of closed beta test #3 and all Carbine has to say about it, is that they’ll be back later this year for more testing after they make some big changes. So it sounds like closed beta test #4 won’t be starting anytime soon but Carbine is insisting they need this time to further tweak their character progression system as well as their mod tagging system.

What do you think? Will WildStar still reach it’s goal of releasing in 2013? Let us know in the comments below!

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