Wildstar Wednesday: Caste, ritual and the ascension of an emperor god

Wildstar Wednesday

WildStar is set in a dangerous and unpredictable universe where anything goes, but that doesn’t mean some of the game’s inhabitants aren’t just dripping with class and old-money tradition. This week’s WildStar Wednesday outlines the history of the Luminai, an Eldan-human hybrid race that currently walks the halls of power in the Dominion — and has its eyes set on the conquest of Nexus.

The story of the Luminai is deep and intriguing and hinges on some familiar themes. There’s a lauded leader who reigned over 300 years of peace, an elite tier of people who named themselves as gods, a caste system forged by an emperor’s decree, and an ongoing tussle for power between competing houses that often results in bloodshed and betrayal. Heck, there’s even a forced coup and a “dark reign.”

Click the jump to get a closer look at Myrcalus the Vindicator, the current emperor of the Dominion and the man-Eldan who swears to bring Nexus under its rule. And keep a lookout for the Luminai while you’re in WildStar. They are, after all, your gods.

Wildstar: Myrcalus the Vindicator

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