WildStar: Tradeskills and Circuit Boards Guide

Tradeskills and Circuit Boards
To gather resource nodes, you basically just hit things until they bust open with

loot. If you have a certain tradeskill, mining for example, you’ll gain a special

weapon that lets you “kill” nodes much more quickly. Everything’s a loot pinata!
Monsters can even be hidden inside resource nodes.
We haven’t seen much on tradeskills yet, but the Survivalist seems to be in charge

of finding/planting seeds for farming.
Crafting will feature mini-games of some type.

There’s an entire craft dedicated to make housing goodies with the help of an NPC.

Crafters can also speed up the house building process.
Crafters get some way to make PvE gear a little better focused for PvP and vice

The modding/circuit board system in WildStar looks pretty elaborate. Players are able

to take a piece of gear and add in different chips that add attributes, passive

effects, and additional effects such as Challenge Chips that haven’t quite been

explained yet. The combination of certain chips will grant set bonuses. Crafters will

presumably play an important role in creating chips. More more info on this system,

check out this developer blog.

Future Content Releases
The team plans on doing large monthly updates that add in new dungeons, instances,

and other large content drops every month. They want to add in a new solo instance

every month for sure.

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