Wildstar: The Sci-Fi MMO We’ve Been Waiting For

The new game Wildstar revolves around the lost planet Nexus. A planet that once belonged to the ancient and powerful Elden. Not much is known about them other than being a very advanced race. Wildstar is best described as, quirky with its art style and humor. Not only does it have the classes we’re all used to, but it’s also adding a path system.

Why Wildstar? Well, if you’re anything like me, you must be getting tired of the same old wizard and orc game. Not to say there’s anything wrong with that genre. But it’s a pleasure to see a company try something new, or do a simple thing as bringing customizable player housing back. A feature I think most games have been lacking.

One of the game unique feature is u players choose your path.Depending on what you path you choose, you will encounter different content. There are 4 Paths you can choose. The Explorer will… well, explore! The Scientist, will unlock unique abilities to studying ancient relics, exotic plants and alien organisms. If you love to blow up things and big weapons? The Soldier is that the class for you! The most interesting one of them all is the Settler, they will be able to build outpost, upgrade towns and set up the world with amenities we’re all used to in MMO’s.

another of the most interesting features of WIldstar is Housing. A personal favorite of mine, and making an overdue appearance in an AAA title MMO. There’s something about being able to buy a plot of land and making it your own that appeals to me.

You can upgrade your home as you progress in Wildstar gold , you can even decorate it with items and big game you find on your adventure! Not only is it nice eye candy, but it can also provide beneficial buffs. Resting in your home provides you with tons of rest experience, you can even get more by having more items in your house!

Like cooking? Have your own garden to grow useful ingredients! They even go as far as being able to have crafting facilities and a personal raid portal that give you a buff! Housing in Wildstar isn’t a secondary system, it is in fact part of the core of the game! There’s a lot more that Wildstar is offering to players such as Warplots, PVP bases and large raids – 20 and 40 man. Not much is known about these features, but make sure to keep an eye out for upcoming news!

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