WildStar: The Chua revealed as the cute, cuddly, genius, and completely sociopathic new race

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You know that guy you keep in your inner friend circle; the one that no one actually likes but serves as that thread that ties everything together? You know, that necessary evil so to speak? For WildStar’s Dominion faction, this is the Chua. Sure you want to just pick one up, squeeze it, and hug it but during that time it has probably turned your smart phone into some sort time bomb through the lint in your pocket and a few loose fabric strands. Don’t let the Chua’s small statue fool you, this a race of evil genius sociopaths. Remember in the movie Gremlins… the ones that weren’t Gizmo? Yea, those are the Chua.

You see, the thing with the Chua is that they are exceptionally completive and remarkably devious. It’s during the height of competitive zeal that some of the best technological advancements come to play. When the Dominion saw this spirit in these primitive creatures, they saw the potential. Sure the Chua come from the forest world of Bezgelor, but during the course of their society they have deforested it and exhausted all the natural resources. So for exchange in building the Dominion high tech death weapons, the Chua have joined the Dominion for more resources and play things.

WildStar Chua Hang Out

Nothing boosts weapon advancements like war. With the Dominion’s struggle vs. the Exiles, the Chua have more than enough targets to point their bombs towards. Their sadistic glee has a common enemy and the planet Nexus shall be the canvas for their carnage err… art. Nexus will be a brand new world for them to learn, adapt, gather resources, and completely ruin – truly paradise.

I know what you’re thinking, ut oh, a cheap small race that I’ll never be able to hit in PvP. You sir, would be wrong. The Carbine team has addressed this and in fact hit boxes are all normalized in WildStar. Also remember, spells and abilities mostly require a bit of aiming and it’s not simple tab and win. As for classes, the Chua can be Espers, Spellsligners, and 2 of the unannounced classes.

As of now, this is all that is known about these menacing, tech-savvy, hyperactive little dudes. They DO come in an array of adorable colors and shapes. I may have even seen a hot pink one. For more on the Chuas, keep a close eye on WildStar’s official website, more news will be coming soon.  Check out the Mordesh revel if you support those dirty Exiles. Historian, teacher, writer, gamer, cheat master, and tech guru: follow on Twitter @AndrewC_GZ

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