WildStar: Social/User Interface/Miscellaneous Guide

Social/User Interface/Miscellaneous
You can set up multiple social “circles” that let you invite Y group into your

housing area and invite X group along for PvP, for example. You gain extra rewards by

doing activities within your circles.
There’s a night and day cycle.

WildStar, in general, is designed with veteran MMO players in mind. Multiple aspects

of the game feature complex systems that are simple enough for new players to get the

hang of, but provide additional opportunities for veteran MMO players so they won’t

get too bored. One example given was the possible stacking of quests, challenges,

path objectives, reputation farming, and public group quests. Doing all separately is

okay, but experienced gamers will naturally try and do all at once, which is far more

Character customization options seem fairly broad, with a few sliders to change bone

structure and character proportions, etc. There will be limits in place, however.
There will be mounts in the game as well as flying mounts that will become available

at max level.
The user interface will be completely customizable and player addons will be allowed.
There’s an achievement system and guild system in the game (and guild achievements).
There’s an in-game calendar feature.
There’s a wardrobe-type feature that lets players put on costumes. There seem to be

multiple costume slots so far.
There will be a full dye system in place.
Endgame, which the WildStar team calls Eldergame, will definitely be the main focus

of the game.
There are many quirky/goofy sides of WildStar found everywhere in the game, whether

it’s humor in the story, quests, or in the enemies themselves.
The current character naming convention (this may change) allows for 1-word names

that also allow numbers.
The game will use partial phasing for some areas, which means environmental effects,

etc. may differ from person to person, but ideally players should always be able to

see each other except in instanced content. (Source)
Current release date: The team is hoping for the game to release sometime in 2013,

but will ultimately release the game when it’s ready. (Source)
More beta invites should be going out in about a month with more after that. Players

will be invited in chunks of around 1000.

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