WildStar shows off its housing system

WildStar announces  and shows  its housing system

Carbine Studios’ WildStar has yet to leave the starting gate, but already this filly looks to have legs. The studio announced that not only will the sci-fi fantasy title have a housing system, but it will be a major component of a player’s experience in the game.

According to Carbine, WildStar’s housing is “more than a house and a plot of land, it is a destination within the game that they can make their own and use to their advantage.” Housing will be available for all classes and paths.

We have both a video and a FAQ concerning this exciting system after the jump!

[Source: NCsoft press release]

Q: So, WildStar will launch with housing, huh?

A: Yes, WildStar will launch with a housing system, allowing players to truly “stake their claim” on the planet of Nexus.

Q: Who can participate in the housing system and when does it open up?

A: All races and classes can have a house in WildStar. As it stands at the moment (this could change because we will be doing lots more testing before launch) players get a quest at level six which rewards them with their own plot of land. As the video states, then the player is tasked with clearing his or her plot, building their own place, and of course decorating it and using it however they want.

Q: Why should I bother with housing?

A: We set out to make housing a pillar of our game and one that brings more than just a place to decorate and hang out. We wanted players to use their homes for meet-ups and as a one-stop hub for many of the other aspects of our game. WildStar’s housing is more than a house and a plot of land, it is a destination within the game that they can make their own and use to their advantage. Our housing will offer something for everyone, whether you prefer fighting, crafting, socializing, participating in events or tooling with customization. We could go on for days on the pure benefits and features that will available within housing and why it provides something for everyone, but we’ll be sharing more in the coming months.

WildStar announces  and shows  its housing system

Q: How does housing in WildStar differ from other MMO housing systems?

A: Let’s just say that WildStar offers players more than the ability to stake their claim. We have many more details we’ll reveal next year about the overall system, but we think players will be surprised and excited about the depth we plan to provide.

Q: Are the paths in the game connected to the housing system? Can any path participate?

A: What a great question! As we’ve stated before, paths are integral to our vision for Wildstar. Each Path compliments a certain playstyle and we’ve added “hooks” for each playstyle within our housing system. We wanted to make sure that all players, regardless of Path, would have loads of fun playing with our housing system. We’ll give you more details on how early next year, so stay tuned to WildStar!

Q: What is Protostar and what role does it play on Nexus?

A: The Protostar Corporation is the largest and most successful business enterprise in the known universe. Seeing in the legendary planet Nexus as a limitless opportunity for profit, Protostar has been a permanent presence there since its discovery. Protostar is ready and willing to offer any product or service for which people are willing to pay.

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