WildStar reveals its final two races, the Chua and the Mordesh

This is neither, but it's still a cool shot.

Everyone has a dirty little secret — maybe not something he’d be ashamed to admit in public but something he doesn’t necessarily want to talk about freely. That’s definitely the case for WildStar’s Exile and Dominion factions, both of which consist of four races… of which we’ve seen three. Until today.

Revealed today at SDCC are the last two races in the game: the Chua that round out the Dominion and the Mordesh that round out the Exiles. Even at a glance you can see why the last two races are a bit less likely to be discussed by the other races. The Chua don’t have that certain sense of decorum the Dominion likes to account itself with, and the Mordesh don’t have… well, a pulse.

So let’s learn a little more about both of these races between the official reveals on the WildStar website and the introduction trailer just past the break. We’ve also got some charming details from Carbine Studios about these two dirty little secrets.

So let’s step back a bit. The Chua are a race that lived on a forest planet until the Mechari noticed their innate talent for mechanical devices. On the one hand, bringing them into the Dominion was a brilliant idea due to that talent; on the other hand, the Chua are completely incapable of portraying themselves with a demeanor that isn’t entirely sociopathic and madcap. As a result, the Dominion as a whole and the Cassians in particular are less than pleased with addressing the Chua directly. The Mechari don’t care so long as they serve the goals of the Dominion as a whole, and the Draken get along reasonably well with the Chua — the little ones provide new and entertaining weapons, and the Chua are happy to provide them and let the Draken do as they will.

The Mordesh, meanwhile, suffer from a plague that was originally meant to be the key to immortality. All of the Mordesh live with the Contagion, a disease that killed and turned the population into mindless consuming beasts. Through the Vitalus Serum, the few survivors are able to retain their mental faculties and their free will, but they’re still consumed by sorrow and regret at the loss of their once-beautiful home. The humans harbor some vague fears that the Contagion may spread to other races; Granok feel that anyone unable to fight is a liability to the Exiles as a whole; and the Aurin feel a somewhat patronizing sort of sympathy for these afflicted individuals.

Very early in development it was known that both factions should have at least one race that didn’t quite fit the mold of the others, partly to drive home the idea that neither group is strictly good or evil. The Mordesh aren’t evil, but they’re far more willing to go to extremes, likened to the Emo kids of the game. The Chua, meanwhile, aren’t on board with the Dominion’s image, and they know full well that they’re valuable enough to get around any restrictions.

In gameplay terms, anyone worrying about the size of the different races can rest easy knowing that the hitboxes for each race have been normalized. Chua are no easier or harder to hit than any other race. Each of the newly revealed races also has an array of available classes — Mordesh can be Stalkers, Warriors, Spellslingers, and one of the two unrevealed classes, while Chua can be Espers, Spellslingers, and both of the unrevealed classes.

Keep your eyes out for more reveals from the team at Carbine Studios during San Diego Comic Con. Until then, start thinking about which dirty little secret you’d like to have in your corner… if either.


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