WildStar: PvP Content/Warplots Guide

PvP Content/Warplots
There will be battlegrounds, arenas, ranked battlegrounds, ranked arenas, possible

world PvP, and Warplots for PvP players to take part in.
You can completely level by participating in battlegrounds if you want.
There will be a cross-server matchmaking system for all types of PvP. Normal

battlegrounds and normal arenas will feature a “match with same server only”

checkbox option.

There will be 2v2, 3v3, and 5v5 Arena matches. Teams must be organized beforehand,

similar to World of Warcraft’s system. Players can only be in one team per match

Arena matches won’t be single elimination. Each team will share a certain amount of

respawns that vary based on team size. Once all players and respawns are dead and

used up, a winner is proclaimed.
The gear progression system for PvP will be similar to the PvE gear progression

system. Warplots will grant the best PvP gear in the game.
PvP gear will feature two PvP-specific stats– one that increases the offensive power

of damage against players, and one that reduces damage from other players. (Source)
PvP and PvE gear are entirely separate. Players won’t have to PvE to PvP and vice

There will be, however, options in the crafting system that let players make their

PvE gear better for PvP and vice versa.
Warplots are eldergame (endgame) PvP battles that take place in the housing areas of

players. Players can customize everything from the environment to walls, deployables,

and the types of enemies that can get in the way of players. Warplot customizations

seem fairly elaborate.
Warplots matches are 40 vs 40. They’re designed with the hardcore PvP group in mind.

Strategies, building techniques, and organized teamplay should win the day.
Since the housing areas kind of float, players can actually adjust the location of

their housing areas in order to cause conflict with other players, thus encouraging

Warplot battles.
Players can also enter the matchmaking system to take part in Warplots.
The owner of a Warplot must agree to a battle beforehand.
If a player’s Warplot is conquered, the Warplot actually gets destroyed and the

conquerors gain some of the goodies that were on it.
The first Warplot is free when you reach level cap. Obtaining the necessary materials

and components for building things on it may take some time and adventuring, however.
There seems to be some kind of point system in place for Warplots that’s kind of

like an item cap. This will keep players from building too much stuff.
It’s possible to even put a raid boss on a Warplot. It won’t be quite as strong as

in the raid. It will also cost quite a few points.
There is the potential for world PvP yet due to the server types being added. See

here for more info.
Battlegrounds will feature match sizes in between 10v10 and 15v15.
Leaderboards are high in priority for launch. Spectator mode and shoutcasting support

will be post-launch additions.

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