WildStar: PvE Content/Raiding Guide

PvE Content/Raiding
There will be dungeons, max-level veteran dungeons, raids, adventures, solo

instances, and public dynamic events.
Public dynamic events are out in the open world, found in each zone. Events vary.

Some, for example, cause goodies (and enemies) to fall out of the sky as meteors.
Solo instances will be for solo players.

Dungeons and veteran dungeons will be for 5 players, are instanced, and will focus on

combat primarily. Veteran dungeons will be more difficult.
Adventures will be for 5 players, are instanced, and will focus on many activities

including combat, exploration, and optional objectives that require a little more

There will be both 20-man raids and 40-man raids instanced. Yep, 40-man!
Raiding will be for the hardcore, that 1% of players who want the really tough stuff.
Raids will not focus on central or unique storylines, which gives the team more

freedom to create difficult raid content without feeling like tons of players are

missing out.
The story content that takes place at the level cap will all take place in solo

Raids will progress between the 20-mans and 40-mans. This means that a 40-man guild

will have to clear the 20-mans first, but there will also be alternative ways of

obtaining gear that’s somewhat similar to 20-man gear (with less stats), including

gear that can be bought by unlocking certain achievements. This will help players

catch up a bit.
The best gear in the game will come from 40-man raids. It will be entirely unique.
There will be a LFG/LFD tool for all 5-man content and non-ranked PvP content. The

tool will be cross-server, but will feature a checkbox that players can select to

only allow them to be matched with players on their own server.
There won’t be a LFR tool of any kind.
There will be something similar to raid attunements that players will have to work

through in order to prepare themselves for raiding

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