“Wildstar” professional engineer


“Wildstar” Carbine Studios is Ncsoft’s new work is a 3D online massively multiplayer online role-playing game. “Wild Planet” game is currently no national service agency, according to Xiao Bian understand that the game is currently serving out tests conducted by invitation. Currently, the game is being held in Europe and America in winter testing, like this game players can enter the foreign service official gateway note, please continue to pay attention while multi-channel play a new game, “Wild Planet,” the latest information on small series will be the first time for everyone goes.

Today, as we bring the “Wildstar” new career – engineer. Engineer is a versatile career in the game, the machine has many partners it can treat as a companion, you can output can tank. If players want to experience the fun of other players gang fights, then the occupation will not disappoint you.

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