WildStar primps for convention appearances

WildStar primps for public appearances

WildStar’s dance card is quite full this month, as Carbine is heading to both Gamescom and PAX Prime for promotions, hobnobbing, and public demos.

First up is Gamescom, where the devs will be present at the NCsoft booth (Hall 8, Booth #B030), showing off the Chua and Mordesh races and a couple of new zones. The team is throwing a party that Friday at the Marriott Koln that is first-come, first-served.

Up next is PAX Prime, where the devs and demo will be at booth #642 for the curious and beta-envious. Carbine’s hosting a panel at PAX on Saturday, August 31st, which will be livestreamed for those who can’t attend. There will be a PAX party as well later that night at the Hard Rock Café, so Massively encourages those who attend to drink and demo responsibly.



So so so bummed we (hubs, brother in law, and gaming friend) didn’t get Saturday tickets so we’ll miss the PAX panel, but I’m really thinking of heading to Seattle for the Hard Rock party anyway. Will help ease the disappointment of being stuck with Monday tickets lol.


I really liked this game at first but spending more time with it the game world is way to small and just boring. I feel like a rat in a maze when I play it.


Who needs NDAs, huh?


@PurityKnights sorry that the NDA not stopped Starsandstripes to rain on your little hype party!


@PurityKnights Frankly, when a game disappoints you thoroughly enough, NDA doesn’t mean much.

Oh no, they took away my beta access that I wasn’t using anymore because I don’t like the game.

What will I ever do?

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