Wildstar online is coming closer to us with many surprise

No one can deny that WildStar online will definitely becomes the winner in this

summer because too many players are talking and waiting for it. We have also done

making a wildstar gold website, so once the game is live, you can buy the WS gold on

our site.

It’s the chance to not just specialize but really fine-tune your crafting experience,

something that long-time readers know I am heavily in favor of. I’m hopeful for more

in-depth crafting mechanics in the game, as I’ve speculated in the past. That being

said, this sort of system could even make a more rote “click and wait” approach at

least slightly more interesting.

You hit the closest enemy with a damage-over-time ability that heals people as it

does damage. Instead of standing in the back waving your hands, you’re helping the

overall tide of the battle through damage and healing. Warriors get a tanking ability

that buffs defenses but fails if the Warrior isn’t paying enough attention to the

battlefield layout. Stalkers get to flip out and throw weapons everywhere.

Immediately after that you can read about the changes to a dungeon called Skullcano,

which is so ridiculously over the top that I can’t help but fall in love all over

again. It’s either a volcano of skulls or a volcano shaped like a skull, or quite

possibly both, and I can’t pretend not to adore the idea of something called


Here ends the gushing, partly because this isn’t something I find fun and partly

because this is one of those fields where a few slight tweaks can absolutely destroy

any sort of meaning for casual PvP. Rated arenas also frequently have the problem of

rewarding the best players with better gear, thereby creating the exact opposite of

every sport ever.

Well, we will bring more news about the wildstar beta once there is any update.

Please note we not only sell wildstar gold after the game comes out, but also offer

wildstar power leveling service, if you have any needs for your wildstar character,

just let us know.

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