Wildstar-Not so simple narrative designer

Perhaps you might ask, what is the narrative designer do? Well, simply put, narrative story. This is about creating a compelling game takes place in an environment, and then develop a strong race and talented character actor content designers can tell stories. Meanwhile, the settings need to inspire our talented artistic team’s imagination and let them considerable creativity and character to represent the world reside in the muscles flex. And, most importantly, the setting needs to inspire the players from around the world, we are developing a game for them to attract them.

Sounds easy, right? Of course! No problem! I’m sure you can imagine, this is easier said than done. Obviously, there are many out there, awesome game a lot of very interesting game world. Because of this, the narrative design team knew we had to create an exciting and compelling premise, the best part of playing an online game – exploration, discovery, and an epic battle resonates settings – while at the same player and the world they can not wait, start the adventure.

The result? Planet Nexus! The legend of the world, who live in the edge of the known universe Eldin – technologically advanced race, mysteriously disappeared more than a thousand years ago. Nexus has now been found, players will explore the stars through the wild frontier, fight for their new homes, and reveal many secrets on the planet.

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