Wildstar mode of operation

NCSOFT North America by the studio ‘s Carbine Studios developed 3D science fiction MMO ” Wild Planet” also participated in the exhibition in Cologne, Germany , developers at the show officially announced the game’s pricing model and game release date . The game was originally released by the time the game is released roughly at the end of 2013 , but the main person in charge of the game , said in an interview yesterday , for some reason , the game has been postponed until the spring of 2014, re- sale.

In addition to the release date , “Wild Planet” charging mode is also officially announced yesterday , using the model turns out to be the most common aggregate current charging mode : Players need to buy the game client , but also to buy a monthly card into the game, Finally, the game has also joined the prop shop.

The price game client for $ 19.99 , which also includes the cost of one month on cards , priced monthly card game for $ 14.99 (about 90 yuan ) . In addition , the game also contains similar to ” Guild Wars 2 ” within the gemstone exchange trading patterns , but “Wild Planet” uses a named CREDD. Currency exchange game coins .

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