WildStar How about gear?

We think it’s funny that you end up seeing lots of people standing around town with

the same gear on in the endgame. The greatest differentiation should be at the high

level. For us that means randomized elements on equipment, customized gear, and

points that unlock powers to make you different than the guy next to you.

What can you tell us about tradeskills?
Interview Wildstar's Jeremy Gaffney on Progression, Tradeskills, and Endgame
Tradeskills aren’t actually on our reveal schedule yet, but let me leak a little bit.

We believe that tradeskills should be an intimate part of the game. By that I mean,

as you walk around, surrounded by interesting things, we don’t believe that you

should click a node and watch a bar fill up. That’s boring.

For example, when you run around in the game, you’ll notice rocks that you can hit.

We have lots of interesting base metals in the game, such as Explodium. It’s a temp

name, but it might stick because we’re a little over the top. If you didn’t guess,

Explodium blows up when you hit it. If you’re fighting a monster near it and hit it

with your spells, it will damage you and the monster. Another example is when you’re

picking at a small rock and it turns out that the mineral is attached to the back of

a large bug that runs away. Now you have to chase it down, knocking materials off it.

Or perhaps a creature made from the material swallows you and then you have to knock

through the creature’s stomach to escape while harvesting.

We believe in variance. We don’t like things that get boring. We also think that this

type of system makes it harder for bot farmers to exploit. I mean, try to make a bot

that chases ore nodes that run away or actually swallow you. Good luck with that.

Part of this is because we want to make people play the game, not macro it.

Is the crafting advancement something we’re used to? Make 10 pairs of cotton space


We’re trying to avoid things like make 17 bronze hammers and 12 golden swords. We

have questing, but we want it to be more like achievement-type advancement. I can’t

go into it too deep, but we think it’s a fun system.

Let me put it like this: You’re growing a garden of plants on the grounds of your

housing plot. Maybe sometimes you wake up and you get some rare blooms, or maybe

you’ve managed to grow a creature that tries to kill you. We want tradeskills to

involve you more than just sitting in an auction house doing the same thing over and

over again.

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