WildStar: Housing Guide

Housing’s available fairly early in the game.
Houses kind of evolve as you progress, shifting from a tent into a basic house then

into something pretty awesome.
Houses are single-player, instanced, and on a floating island of sorts.
There’s a quest chain you get after obtaining your housing area to clear it of

baddies that just happened to come with your plot of land. There’s even a boss you’

ll have to defeat.

Players can free-form move objects on the inside, including adjusting the sizes and

exact adjustments of individual objects. You’re also given building blocks for

larger structures. You can even turn things upside down, build in the air, build

additional levels in your house, etc., much like RIFT’s system.
Many items are dynamic and adjust to the game’s day/night system. Some items even

move around and vary as far as their animations are concerned.
Outside is more particular. You have “plugs” which allow you to build special

additions that are useful for players including farm plots, mining nodes, crafting

stations, areas that can spawn rare items or rare mobs, and Warplots.
Daily quests can be obtained in your housing area, including daily quests that

encourage you to take part in other areas of the game you haven’t explored (PvP for

PvEers, for example). You’ll then get extra special rewards for diving into unknown

Raiders can also access portals to raids or gain buffing stations.
You get increased rested XP when you log out inside your house, more XP if you have

lots of special goodies.
Housing goodies come from everywhere in the game including monster heads as trophies,

drops off enemies, and quest/challenge rewards.
There’s an entire craft dedicated to make housing goodies with the help of an NPC.

Crafters can also speed up the building of some housing features.
You can set your housing area to be open to the public, open just to friends, closed,

etc. You can’t currently allow friends, etc. to help you build your house, but this

may be changed in the future.
If you know you’re going to be away for a week, you can give your friends access to

your housing area so they can do your dailies, farm your nodes, etc.
Public events can happen in housing areas.
There’s a whole system of meta achievements for completing housing-related

Every character can have their own special house. Alts do not get access to your

other characters’ houses. This means that each character can only have one house.
Each race will have a special style of house (and maybe other housing features as

There is currently only a single plot size, but by the time the launches, there by be


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