WildStar: History and Races – A WarCry Guide

WildStar‘s history is long and filled with explosions.wildstar aurin

WildStar is one of my favorite MMOs to look forward to. Its unique style and over-the-top attitude make each of its releases into an enjoyable combination of learning and entertainment. Scheduled to release later this year, the game features a science fiction world filled with wacky dark humor, classic adventure, and just enough compelling mystery to keep you guessing. Seeing as how the game is coming out later this year, I put together a guide on the history and background context for the game to help new players get familiar with the world of Nexus before jumping into the game itself. Stay tuned for the second part of this guide, that will help players understand and choose the right race/class/path combination for them.

Without further ado, welcome to WildStar.

What is WildStar?

WildStar is an up-and-coming sci-fi MMORPG that is currently being developed by Carbine Studios and produced by NCsoft. WildStar was first announced in 2011, though its development officially began in 2005, meaning it has been in progress for about eight years. The game is a self-described action RPG, and promises to be a game that will cater to audiences of all kinds. Popular features in WildStar include player housing, play style focused paths, and regularly updates PvE and PvP end game content. WildStar also comes with a sassy attitude, dry humor, and a general philosophy that cries, “F*%& it, let’s just do this thing!”

What is WildStar About?

WildStar takes place on the planet Nexus, which is central to the plot and conflict of the game. Nexus was once the home planet of a race known as the Eldan, a technologically advanced and powerful race that disappeared from the galaxy at least a thousand years ago. After being lost for hundreds of years, the planet was located by the Exiles, a faction of refugees, rebels, and adventurers, who quickly rushed to the planet and established it as their new home. It wasn’t long, however, before word got out about the ancient world, and now a mad rush of explorers, treasure seekers, and soldiers has begun, as both the Exiles and the galactic empire of the Dominion seek to uncover the ancient secrets and treasures of Nexus.


The Dominion
Sixteen hundred years ago, the Eldan chose the humans of planet Cassus to form a galactic empire, which they embraced with all of their dark hearts. In the time since, they have created an empire of order founded on force and subterfuge, called the Dominion. With the recent discovery of Nexus, the Dominion has claimed right to the planet and all of its treasures, and has declared open war against the Exiles as well as the planet’s natural inhabitants.

The Exiles
The Exiles are a group of refugees, outcasts, and rebels who have had their home worlds destroyed or conquered by the Dominion, and have banded together to fight back and attempt to establish a new life for themselves. During their search for a habitable planet, an Exile explorer found the planet Nexus, and the Exiles jumped on the opportunity to create a new home for themselves. Unfortunately, the Exiles are being forced to defend their new homeland, and have banded together to fight off the invasive forces of the Dominion and the natural threats of Nexus.

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