WildStar head to New York!

Convention on the West Coast get so much love from E3 to San Diego Comic Con PAX Prime. We think it’s time we trek back East, is not it? Carbine personnel to New York Comic Con, October 10 to 13, show off WildStar! Come to visit booth # 1644 to play games, chat and community groups, and perhaps get some free stuff!

There is no chance, NYCC tickets do? This article was published in time, tickets are still available on Thursday! If the sale, we may be hanging in a nearby bar one night, during the show’s details, so please pay attention to Twitter and Facebook.Here to supply buy Runescape Gold

As usual, our booth not have been possible without the support of our partners, so we hope NVIDIA, Logitech and Alienware offers a huge thanks, let us use their products to show off WildStar!

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