Wildstar Guide to Housing

Today I would like to talk to you about home in Wildstar Online. Home, a place to put your feet up, a place to hang your hat, a place that, thanks to years of research by Protostar Corporation, has a statistically insignificant chance of killing you.

Protostar would like to interest you in a new home, on a new world – the planet Nexus. Yes, Nexus, planet of mystery, world of excitement. Where did it come from? No idea. But thanks to Protostar, you can put a house on it.

Feel the adventure of clearing your land, the pride of building your home, the freedom to make it your own. But that’s not all. Plant a garden. Build a windmill. Erect a large, defensive cannon. You can do anything with your land, and thanks to Protostar the possibilities are endless.

Not feeling neighbourly? No problem. Space is not an issue. Thanks to a miracle of science, Protostar can rip your land right out of the ground and hurl it into the sky, letting us build even more houses. That’s right.
Houses in the sky, because when you think about it, every customer is an island. So why not live on one, in the sky?

Wildstar House

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