WildStar gives a briefing on Deradune, land of the Great Hunt

WildStar gives a briefing on Deradune, land of the Great Hunt

Deradune is a zone that’s been one of WildStar’s most-viewed zones during Carbine’s press viewings (heck, we’ve seen it enough to call it a second home by now!). Today’s WildStar Wednesday gives more attention to the area by focusing on the story, key players, and descriptive landmarks that players will encounter.

While striking many as reminiscent of World of Warcraft’s Barrens, WildStar’s Deradune sets itself apart by populating the region with tribes focused on hunting. Er, hm. Anyway, players will embark upon a “Great Hunt” if they want to join the Drakens of Bloodfire Clan, and oh boy do you want to be a part of this exclusive club! The article references a terrifying creature known as Metal Maw, which may be the end goal of the hunt.



I am interested in this game, but I am curious about one thing: is the game essentially “planet bound”? I hope not. For a sci-fi game to be confined to basically one planet seems very odd to me and would be somewhat disappointing, no matter how varied the individual zones might be.


As much as I’m looking forward to Wildstar as one of my next big MMO’s, I wish they’d release more, rather “new”, information every week. I always get excited for Wednesdays, but then get disappointed when it’s stuff like this or “Meet the races”. At least show us the new classes or races, I’m craving some new information so badly.

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