WildStar gets the band together for a game jam

A game jelly, meanwhile, is crushed and candied game discs.  It's kind of horrible.

You don’t get into a video game career to make huge stacks of money, you do it because you love games. That means that the idea of Game Jams can actually make sense. What’s a Game Jam? Well, it’s the event on display in the latest WildStar Wednesday, and it’s also a way for the Carbine Studios team to relax from the stress of a work week by coming in and working for another eight hours on something crazy.

No, that’s really the idea. As explained in the article, Game Jams consist of people coming into the office, deciding on a task, and splitting off into small teams to make a playable build of something within eight hours. It’s a chance for designers, programmers, and artists to all stretch their legs a bit more, possibly exploring aspects of the game that they’re not normally involved in on a day-to-day basis. And a chance for people to relax from work by doing more work, that’s also a thing.


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