Wildstar First Look

The MMO world has been buzzing about the new MMO by Carbine Studio, Wildstar. What exactly is Wildstar? It’s a sci-fi MMORPG set on the legendary lost planet Nexus with a unique take on player housing, combat, and character customization.


There are two opposing factions in Wildstar, exiles and the dominion. The Exiles are a rag-tag group of refugees, outlaws and mercenaries that were forced from their home worlds. Four races, three of which have been announced, make up the Exiles: Humans, Aurins, and the Granok.
Humans claim Cassus as their home world, the same planet as the Dominion. However, political strife and conflict forced a group of Humans to Leave Cassus and wander through space in search of a new home. The Aurins were forced from their homeland, Arboria, by the Dominion. The Aurins have a strong bond to nature and are characterized by their rabbit-like ears and furry tails. The Granok are large rock golems. They are a tough and resilient warrior race; however they were overpowered by the Dominions technical superiority and numbers, and were thus forced from their home world. It goes without saying that each of the three races, revealed so far, or the Exiles holds a grudge against the Dominions, making their fight for Nexus all that more important.

The Dominion is a powerful interstellar empire that has decided to make Nexus their new conquest. They are comprised of three races: Cassians, Draken and Mechari. The Cassians are close relatives of the humans. Both hailing from the same planet, the Cassians defeated the humans in a civil war for Cassus. They were chosen by the Eldan, a mysterious and ancient race, to establish the Dominion and have conquered numerous planets and peoples. The Draken are a ferocious race of horned beasts. They thrive in harsh conditions and, with extreme bloodlust, fight with tenacious vigor. The Mechari are a race of highly skilled and efficient killer robots. Created by the Eldan themselves, they are highly intelligent sentient warriors that dominate on the battlefield.


There are four classes available in Wildstar: warrior, spellslinger, stalker, and expert. Each has its own unique characteristics and traits and should be relatively familiar to any veteran MMO player. Warriors excel in melee combat and utilize heavy weaponry, armor and technology to achieve their goal. The Spellslingers a primarily ranged DPS class that use pistols to defeat their enemies. Their agility and healing abilities gives them a distinctive advantage in battle. Stalkers are DPS tanks and wield deadly claws into combat. They utilize advanced technology and tactics to gain an advantage on the battlefield. Espers are the magic wielding class. They use their superior knowledge of magic to heal allies or cause immense damage to foes.

Wildstar offers more than just an amazing lore and combat. Upon creating their character players also choose Paths. A path is a way for Wildstar to provide consistent content that appeal towards a players play style. There are four paths: explorers, scientists soldiers, and settlers. A player’s path will give them access to special missions. For example an explorer will be able to run time challenged and scavenger hunts. A scientist has a scan-bot that gives them insight into the lore of the game or use it to unlock secrets within dungeons. Soldiers excel in melee and ranged combat and settlers specialize in building structures and vehicles.


Housing is one of the core features in Wildstar. Players will be able to purchase plots in the sky where they can begin constructing their virtual home. Along with being able to create villages and homesteads in the sky, players can also group up to construct a War Plots. War Plots are PVP centered fortresses that are sure to make an interesting addition to combat in Wildstar.

The best thing about WildStar is that it is jam packed with features. The developers at Carbine studios are working diligently to make this game a home for players for years to come.

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