Wildstar DevSpeak, Telegraphs, and Then Some

Today, July 11th 2013, the developers over at Carbine Studios sent out a video about the aiming system in Wildstar. This video is just amazing. I am going crazy over this game, and I can’t wait to start playing it; I really hope they give me a beta key RIGHT MEOW.

Now the video consists of all the different ways Carbine tried to develop the targeting system, which included:

  • tab targeting
  • crosshair aiming
  • crosshair soft targeting
  • and MOBA style skill shots

What they decided to do is create a new targeting system called Freeform targeting, where one could still tab target to differ between enemy’s and friends, while adding a manual control system to almost all abilitys in the game to take control of where you want to aim that specific ability. As they said,  “This system ends up giving you moment to moment control, and a real sense of risk versus reward.”

This system also matches the already in game telegraph the NPC’s use for abilities and large attacks. They go on to say that the telegraph system linked with traditional MMO style targeting felt off, and that you could simply move from a telegraph and use an ability to snap back at the target.

From my personal experience, I love this style of gameplay, and if done correctly it can make the game feel like you really need mad skillz to be good at a class. I love to play tanks in all the MMO’s that I’ve played, and from this video it looks like they will be making tanking so so very fun for me to do–I am super excited. Along with that, it also means that healing will be equally as hard.


“The video you are about to see does not represent the final version of WildStar. You will see content in these videos that are works in progress, some more than others. All player abilities will likely change in some way before launch. This video is our attempt to provide a detailed explanation of WildStar’s core gameplay, while still leaving content for you to discover once we go live. Enjoy.

The video you are about to see does, however, represent the final version of this video.  You will see content that has been approved by our lead, even if they were works in progress. (On a philosophical level, though, didn’t they cease to be ‘works in progress’ at that very moment? Food for thought.) In any case, this section of the disclaimer is our attempt to provide an excuse for that one shot that we really wanna go back and tweak for ages. No, I won’t say which one.

This new video is the result of intense brainstorming and sorting through dozens of episode ideas that will remain on the cutting room floor. While we regret not being able to use them, we still respect the time and effort they put into auditioning, and with that in mind we’d like to thank DevSpeak: Chat Spamming, DevSpeak: Hostile Forum Posting, and DevSpeak: Special Victims Unit.

Should this video cause you distress, anger, sadness, or cause the onset of a general feeling of helplessness, we’d like to apologize for that, because if that was our intent, it would make for a pretty crappy marketing strategy. If someone else is causing you distress, anger, sadness, or causing the onset of general feeling of helplessness, you just tell us who, because that so-and-so is going to get a stern talking to.

I don’t have much else to add, so here are 82 really dumb WildStar jokes to entertain you while attemption to frame step through this disclaimer. Q: Why did the Granok want to get over his shyness? A: Because his friends thought he should be boulder.  Actually no. I can’t keep going with this idea, I’m already ashamed of myself. Let’s just pretend this never happened.

This episode of DevSpeak is brought to you by your friendly neighborhood Cinematics department: Brant, Chris, Curtis, Elija, Jarrod, Kishore, Michael, and Seth, plus the rest of the developers who make the game we’re using to produce this. Fun fact: Wildstar isn’t really a game, it’s actually just a machinima production suite for making DevSpeak videos. (Just kidding.)

(Sung) Meow- meow- meow- meow-, Meow- meow- meow- meow-, meow- meow- meow- meow- MEOW- meow- meow- meow-! Meow- meow- meow- meow- MEOW- meow- meow- meow-! Meow! (This panel is evidence that somewhere along the way, I lost a bet.)

Finally, in order to provide a fun, safe place for everyone to disclaim, this video conforms to our DevSpeak Terms of Service, which requires all participants to conduct themselves in a mature and friendly manner, even the capture artist who if I’ve told him once, I’ve told him a THOUSAND TIMES TO STOP STANDING IN THE TELEGRAPH YOU STUPID F

–Disclaimer Guy has been removed from the group. Happy DevSpeaking.–”


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