WildStar chronicles closed beta metrics and milestones

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Last night, WildStar’s Jeremy Gaffney posted up a dev blog recapping the first days of the game’s closed beta, which you are likely not in. We feel for you; we’re not in either. Who is in? An Aurin by the name of Poptart, who became the first closed beta tester to make her way through character creation and set foot on Nexus. The first player-created UI mod, a friend-finding tool, was also whipped up within 24 hours. (Massively broke the news on how WildStar’s modding system will work back in February.) And apparently, the Algoroc zone is a nasty place; it boasts four of the nine mobs most responsible for player death.

Gaffney offers up these metrics for humor, but he’s actually serious business about data parsing and player feedback even as he wants the early invitees to enjoy themselves:

We’re tracking almost everything that goes on in the game. Combat timings, level timings, movement, you name it. The players’ actions matter to us. Betas aren’t always fun per se (there’s often a big difference between “playing” and “testing”), so we’ve tried hard to make sure the game is actually fun even in this, our very first round of external testing.

Tester feedback, he says, is funneled to straight to a rapid response team to deal with on a daily and weekly basis. And if testers don’t submit that feedback? “One player actually found that some taxi drivers in a fit of generosity would give you money for flying to your destination instead of taking it and spent four hours riding back and forth,” Gaffney admits. “We left him with 50 copper of the 14 gold he farmed as thanks for making us laugh.”


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