WildStar Beta Housing Contest has Ended

WildStar Beta Housing Contest has Ended

Carbine Studios recently put together a pretty neat Housing system for their upcoming MMO, WildStar. To celebrate this, the team organized a Housing contest for beta testers, asking the community to create unique and interesting houses to show off to the public.

Today, they announced the winners of the contest, complete with an array of screenshots. You can view them all on the official page—a lot of them are pretty great.

Carbine Studios handed out various rewards based on the screenshots, including Best Jump Scare, Best Loft Space, Best Throne Room, The Toilet Award (it’s a fancy bathroom, for sure), and many more. Perhaps the most interesting one is the “What-The-Heck Award”, given to a player that created an upside-down house.

It seems the Housing system of WildStar will allow players customize their houses quite a bit, and today we finally got to see some examples of the crazy stuff you’ll be able to create.

The winners will receive an official Housing Trophy, sponsored by the Protostar Corporation, to display in their future houses along with other trophies the player earns.

Carbine Studios also hinted that more Housing contests would be coming, so if you missed out—or aren’t in the beta at all—don’t fret! Your chance is coming.

WildStar is an upcoming MMO with a unique art style set on an alien world that boasts gameplay with a strong focus on exploration and discovery. Find out more about the game, and sign up for the closed beta, on the official site.

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