Warriors are unstoppable juggernauts on the battlefield, using a combination of heavy weaponry, powerful armor and advanced technology to take care of business.

Fearless bruisers that give as good as they get, Warriors are at their best when charging into the fray. Equipped with a heavy battle suit, and armed with a giant tech-sword and a plasma blasting arm cannon, Warriors use hyper-charged kinetic cells which allow the use of powerful attacks and greatly improve their destructive potential.

Drawing upon the power of these kinetic cells give Warriors access to a wide array of strategic technological capabilities designed to damage, disarm, or incapacitate their enemies. In short, the Warrior is a walking death machine, absorbing impressive amounts of damage while dispatching his foes by the dozens.

     DPS BuildDPS Warrior.jpg


* Strength

Furious Blows.pngFurious Blows
Gives Relentless Strikes a chance to proc extra AE damage.

Kick.png   +    Leap.png         This is a powerful CC combo that allows you to utilize Leap in combat by using Kick to push the target away.

Concussion Grenade.pngPlasma Saw.pngOnce you stun enemies with Concussion Grenade you can exploit their vulnerability with Plasma Saw.

Overdrive.png + Relentless Strikes.png + Plasma Saw.pngThis combo allows you to build all 3 cells quickly to spam 3 Plasma Saws for a burst of damage.

  Tank Build

Warrior Tank.jpg



Strike Fear.pngStrike Fear
This allows you to generate a lot of bonus threat whenever you use a taunt ability like Bum Rush.

Bum Rush.png     +     Plasma Saw.png           Use bum Rush to taunt enemies and Plasma Saw while the Strike Fear buff is active to generate extra threat.
Dash Back.png     +     Leap.png           A useful combo when dodging teleraphs is dashing backwards and then using Leap to interrupt the enemy and get back into the fight.

Low Health.png     +     Emergency Reserves.png           Emergency Reserves when at low health allows you to fully charge your shields and grants bonus shields. Use this to save yourself from imminent death.


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