Stalkers are feared throughout the galaxy as silent and deadly assassins who always eliminate their targets.

The Stalkers’ training begins with an injected serum of advanced nanotechnology. The nanites within the serum instantly create a cerebral interface that gives the Stalker access to powerful technological abilities—such as advanced stealth capabilities, optical holoprojection, and enhanced defenses. This interface also accelerates and enhances the Stalker’s physiological systems, allowing them to execute impressive physical feats and complex martial arts disciplines. These abilities, used in concert with a pair of well-balanced alloy clawblades, make the Stalker a fearsome opponent on the field of battle.

Stalkers are also masters of tactical combat. Using their neurological enhancements, they strategically control the battlefield, utilizing combat hardware such as proximity mines to maximize their kill potential in each and every encounter. Their cerebral interface also provides real-time analytical data during encounters, allowing Stalkers to energize their clawblades based on their opponents’ greatest vulnerabilities. The result? During combat, Stalkers leave a pile of corpses in their wake before silently disappearing into the shadows.


*DPS Build

DPS Stalker.jpg



Toxic Claws.pngToxic Claws
Toxic Claws allows the Stalker to dish out maximum DPS when he attacks with his melee abilities

Pounce.png     +   Staggering Strike.png     +     Raging Slash.png           Leap into the fray of combat with Pounce and stun them with Staggering Strike follow that up with a Raging Slash to get a full stack of the damage Buff. If your target is not dead follow it up with a few Quick Strikes

Onslaught.png     +     Pounce.png     +     Staggering Strike.png     +     Tactical Strike.png           Preload your fight with Onslaught and lead in with an empowered Pounce. Follow up with Staggering Strike, if you are quick you can get 2 Tactical Strikes off before your enemy is no longer stunned.

Quick Strike.png     +     Onslaught.png     +    Staggering Strike.png     +     Raging Slash.png     +    Tactical Strike.png           Lead with your basic attack Quick Strike. When the mob begins to telegraph cast Onslaught followed by Staggering Strike because the Staggering Strike hits multiple times and each hit gains the bonus from Onslaught. Follow up with a Raging Slash and two Tactical Strikes to meximize your DPS output.

*Stealth Build

Stealth Stalker.jpg



Inner Calm.pngInner Calm
Inner Calm gives the Stalker increased survivability when he is reduced below 35% health.

Stealth.png     +     Concealed Slash.png           Enter Stealth and approach your target and when they are within range use Concealed Slash. Concealed Slash is your strongest attack and only useable from Stealth.

Stealth.png     +     Concealed Slash.png     +    Tactical Strike.png    +     Quick Strike.png           For longer fights you will want to approach your target and use Concealed Slash followed up by Tactical Strike and Quick Strike

Stealth.png     +    Concealed Slash.png     +     Staggering Strike.png     +     Tactical Strike.png     +     Partial Camouflage.png     +     Concealed Slash.png           This particular combo allows you to get two Concealed Slashes off in one fight. Open from Stealth and use Concealed Slash followed by Staggering Strike and Tactical Strikee x2. By this time your Concealed Slash should be up so use Partial Camouflage to enable Concealed Slash.

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