“Wiidstar” career Description





Soldiers of their respective races as “Granok”, while he served as a career is a warrior. He was not only able to create a lot of melee physical damage, harm their skill level is considerable. In addition , the energy consumed by the soldiers vocational skills divided into two types , namely: fuel cells and adrenaline.


Curse those who shoot

spellslinger belongs to a remote job, that two of its main weapon is infused by the magic pistol in their hands . The energy consumed by occupation are: charge and mystery.


Super powers

Olin family (Aurin) super powers who attack very special skills that they use mainly rely on the spirit of ideas to attack enemy forces . And technical skills as well as combo points and finishing moves super powers , thus greatly enhancing the playability of the profession .



Stalkers are melee , he can release toxins nano complex and unstable to make himself into a rage or weaken the enemy.

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