Whether it works as expect when the wildstar comic appears

Generally speaking, comics are aiming to amusing the public and they can be easily remembered. But when it comes to the wildstar online comic, whether it would efficient to the players as expected brings a controversy.

wildstar online comics


Naturally, the original aim of the wildstar comic is for those who want to know more about the lore of Wildstar the web comic will probably be a fountain of information. Have you been wondering if the Mordesh feel bitter towards the Dominion?

It is not sure that if each week’s comic will focus on Victor and Mondo, we might have a chance to see more of the other factions as well. Carbine has been adamant in saying the Dominion isn’t necessarily evil and the Exiles aren’t necessarily good. Perhaps we’ll get some insight into why this is true. Look for updates to the web comic every Friday through September 13th. That’s right there will only be three issues, but we don’t know how long each one will be so how in-depth Carbine can get is up in the air.

Do they see that with a deep dark hatred for being thrown out and sequestered on their planet left to die? Is Mondo really as psychotic as he seems? Maybe some of those people died on their own and it was just a coincidence. Hopefully some of these things will be answered and hopefully there will be answers to other questions we haven’t even thought of yet.

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