What you ought to be aware of referring to the wildstar beta

Under the great expectation of all the loyal players, wildstar beta will be released in the spring of 2014. Besides, a great number of players have the qualification of the beta, hence, in return, you must obey the rules about the beta.

In the very beginning, please remember that if you do get in, you are under strict NDA and not allowed to talk about it. Any breach of the NDA on this site may result in a ban from the forums until the NDA is lifted.

wildstar online beta


Then, you should be aware that the NDA is in seriously taken, and it’s important for us that the rules set by Carbine are followed. We generally aim to keep this site a relaxed and pleasurable place to be, so we try to treat each case on an individual basis, and the same will surely happen. If you see someone disobey the NDA, please inform the founders freely.

We have had very little to moderate so far, this community is pretty amazing, and we have no intend of starting to swing the ban hammer around now. We are sensible people, or at least try to be so  and surely we will look at each case individually before we start banning people.

If you see someone breach the NDA, please feel free to inform the Founders. If it happens in chat, please take a screenshot and send it to us.

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