What You Need to Know About Wildstar

We’ve seen some teaser videos, but what did we learn at the Pax panel and from our Q&A Session with Executive Producer Jeremy Gaffney?

We’ve already been teased to death about the upcoming, highly anticipated MMO, WildStar.  During today’s WildStar/Carbine panel at PAX East in Boston, some intriguing new details have emerged that have us more interested than ever.

Aside from the creative worlds that we’ve already seen via teasers, trailers, and screenshots, Carbine showed off some new fantastic elements about WildStar. Carbine talked about not creating a game that isn’t just a leveling grind.  Some people want to explore, and Carbine mentioned rewarding them for it.  Carbine also mentioned that the game should start at “Elder Game” content in some aspects.

One of the things they talked about was group oriented content called “Adventures”.  Apparently, you queue for them like you would a dungeon, but they’re not necessarily dungeons; decision making and pathfinding were heavy points hit on by Carbine, as well as the length of these adventures being up to 2 hours in length.  Hopefully, these adventures are not a one shot, sit down for two hours and grind through it sort of deal (who has time for that?)  If these adventures are done in shorter bits, it will be a wildly popular aspect of WildStar.

I’m very excited after hearing the developers talk about in-game housing.  The way that player housing was spoken about lets me know that it is a focus point for WildStar.  Items will drop from mobs, and are created with crafting for you to deck out your houses with, but it’s not just aesthetics.  The more items you have, the more resting xp and buffs you will get.  In fact, there was even mention of private raid portals outside of your in-game house, fully equipped with a buff.  Plots looked great, and Jeremy Gaffney (Executive Producer) mentioned that there will probably be different size plots in the game.

There are also “Plugs” that you can add onto your housing.  We saw examples of a helicopter pad (no, it’s sadly not a mount), a garden that you have to upkeep, raid portals and even a wishing well, which you toss a penny into everyday and could possibly get items from (this was the coolest plug that I saw!) Also, your house is very customizable.  There are a plethora of customization options, including the ability to add trophies you earned in the game onto a shelf, and Gaffney even toyed with the idea of mounting the heads of rare monsters you’ve killed in the Nexus universe.

Combat is exciting as well, and isn’t turn-based.  Action is required, and you won’t be able to just mindlessly attack a mob and kill it; it takes actual thought!  One of the cool things about combat is the ability to lure your enemies into environmental hazzards that would damage them.  For example, there’s a UFO flying around and once it spots you, lays down plans to send a beam of damage to your character.  But, if you move out of the way, and your enemy follows you, the enemy will take the damage!  Of course, this post wouldn’t be complete if I didn’t mention the lively soda vending machine that sprung into life before our eyes.

War-plots were also touched upon in a way that is exciting.  One of the developers on the panel talked about how war-plots are BY FAR his favorite aspect of the game.  The idea that you can squat on a plot of land with a band of brothers and then conquer other plots via pvp to build your own sounds like a unique idea that we haven’t seen in any recent MMO titles.

One of the questions that I asked Jeremy about was whether or not there would be controller support for Wildstar.  He mentioned that it’s probably going to happen, and that they have code for it, but it is just a matter of passing through QA.

I also asked Gaffney what the level cap is currently, and he said level 50.  It appears you earn mounts at level 20, and Gaffney promises that there will be plenty of variance in leveling so it doesn’t feel like just a mindless grind.

Carbine didn’t just talk about already-known aspects of the game; there was one major new revelation. The team announced Devspeak, which is talking to gamers about elements of the game via video and how you go about getting a house.

Planet Nexus appears to be filled with tons of lore for your uncovering pleasure, and we can’t wait to get our hands on the game!

You can see the latest “What Is WildStar” trailer here.

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