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It’s not the stunning CGI movie quality trailer for NCsoft and Carbine’s WildStar that has my heart beating so hard. Nor is it these forty-four screenshots, covering the races, combat, and environments of this gorgeous space born adventure. It’s not even the bunny girls (though they certainly help). So what is it?

It’s the concept hiding behind all of this striking art and noise that piques my interest the most. At first glimpse it might look like Carbine is attempting to fill the gap left by Blizzard’s lack of a World of StarCraft game, creating a cartoon-colored science fiction MMO. WildStar is much more than that.

The planet Nexus, once the home of the all-powerful, universe dominating Eldan, is up for grabs. The Eldan have mysteriously disappeared, and the races of the galaxy once crushed under their heels now flock to the abandoned world to claim their share of the spoils.

Sounds like a massive battle over territory, doesn’t it? Well it isn’t.

Players can choose different paths to take in order to exploit the richness and mystery of the planet Nexus. Explorers conquer the world by climbing its highest peaks and penetrating its hidden inner recesses. Soldiers conquer the land by force, taking on the native creatures left agitated by the Eldan’s passage. Scientists comb the planet for secrets, attempting to unravel the mystery behind the powerful race’s sudden absence. And Settlers just want to make a new life for themselves.

No matter what race and class you pick in WildStar, your journey is guided by the path of your choosing.

It’s a brave new world filled with the promise of a deep story that extends far beyond the game’s level cap, keeping players involved even after the experience points have stopped flowing. I’m completely in love with the concept. Let’s hope the execution doesn’t break my heart.


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