What is WildStar: Arenas

A couple of weeks ago, we kicked off a new series to talk to you about what makes WildStar so awesomely WildStar. We talked for a bit about a PvE Elder Game, Raids. This time, we will be focusing on Arenas, one of WildStar’s PvP Elder Games.

Our beta players will be experiencing our first Arena map once beta opens – we are intent on getting feedback early to refine our PvP systems for WildStar!

Why Arenas?

The PvP developer approach to PvP content is very similar to how WildStar PvE developers approach PvE content. We want to provide play opportunities for many types of players, which includes offering different PvP Elder Game options.

The Arena Elder Game aims itself at players who thrive on challenging skill play, a competitive environment, and small team tactical play. This Elder Game type also lends itself well to (future!) development of tournaments/e-sport systems, which deepens attachment to the challenge and progression of the Arena system.


Arena Gameplay in WildStar

WildStar will have 2v2, 3v3, and 5v5 Arena match sizes. Arena teams will be formal teams (a team is created in order to play in matches that earn your team rating points). Players can belong to one team for each match size.

One of the biggest differences you’ll see in WildStar Arena gameplay is that our Arena match is not a single elimination match. Each team shares a set amount of respawns (based on the match size). To win an Arena match, your team must get the opposing team to use all of their respawns and then defeat any remaining living opponents.


Beyond the Game

Much of the competitive nature for PvP Elder Games is enhanced through features which elevate player status or notoriety. Web support (such as PvP leaderboards, profile pages, and reports), spectator modes, and support for streaming tools are items which we are either looking to tackle for launch or are putting on a wish list for future development.

The Map

You’ve found the seedy underworld of Nexus in the dingy engine room of a Marauder ship. The floor and walls are littered with bottles, beer cans, and broken weapons. Metal pillars sprout from the center of the Arena floor, venting steam. You can see spectators behind the grating. They are eyeing you as they make their wagers. Cameras rove around the room, waiting to record the action.


Ready to play? Sign up for beta and come join my Arena team!


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