Uplink Analysis: Excitement About WildStar!

WildStar Uplink is a bi-weekly conversation we hold with our fans about MMO design, philosophy, and news. The main goal of these conversations is to gauge how important certain issues are to the WildStar community. More than just a simple conversation, we ask questions about topics that are important, and we share your responses with the development team directly. Want to participate? Follow @Team_WildStar on Twitter for the weekly question, participate using #WSuplink, and keep an eye on the community team (CRB_Atreid, CRB_Aether, and CRB_Scooter) to interact with us throughout the discussions.

With the flurry of information these past two weeks, we wanted to do another Uplink where we asked what you’re most excited/concerned about. Here’s all the stuff you guys were most excited about:

AgentNardz: Excited and concerned for endgame content, hope there is a good (and challenging) amount early on for raids+solo.

bramhendriks:  Most excited about the housing and raiding.

WildStarEdward: Excited: Raiding and the Explorer Path

devidollws: Excited: Housing/Fortresses

Raghnal: Excited – Stat milestones

kitsyn:  Excited about raiding, housing and adding player telegraphs. And everything else.

NoorElBahrain:  Excited about the Dominion,the lore & world.

starspunade: As someone who’s never really been into raiding, you’ve made me really excited about that.

NexusWeekly: Gray here…The crafting sounds like it might actually be “a thing” as opposed to just there. /excited!

liquidgamez:  I’m really excited about the whole Lore! A good History is all. Really awesome is your Housing System & Warplots.

MrPrwhite:  im most excited to see the paths in more detail i think its a good twist to just being a specific class

real_lethality: Without a doubt most excited about the Paths! Hearing about the variations in the types of content for each, and synergy w/others!

EvionFox:  Most excited about exploring and free-forming quests at my own pace. Really looking forward to race reveals.

another_ending: I’m super excited for the overall style and humor, as well as the team in general, who seem super cool.

Gazimoff:  I’m hoping that the guild fortress stuff will incorporate a healthy dollop of tactics. Less zerg, less twitch.

nohelixws: Excited to hear about how the ‘tweet’-quests work

mrmoneda: Exited for: learning about the Dominion & leveling via PvP;

delnileppez: Really interested in the Settler and Explorer paths. Breath of fresh air in a matured genre

TheGreyn:  I’m very excited about the Content for solo players and I hope that you give us more information about crafting soon.


We asked our fearless leader Jeremy Gaffney to take a look at your praises and concerns, and here’s what he had to say:

Greetings, earthlings.  We come in peace.   Let’s get to it:

Arkship:  What a blast.  A good time was had by all.  Thanks so much for sharing your excitement and passion for WildStar…we’ve been fighting to hold in that enthusiasm ourselves as we’ve been working on and playing WildStar, and it feels great to be able to reveal the Dominion and finally start talking a bit more deeply about concrete features and systems within the game.

Our goal and direction is clear:  we want to make sure WildStar is just pure fun, more than glomming on to any buzzwords of the moment.  And the recent previews you’ve seen hopefully reflected some of that for you.  We’re very focused on getting ready for beta right now, but I wanted to take a few minutes to reinforce some of the messages we’ve been spreading recently.

Let’s talk about raids – our goal is to have some truly epic raids that challenge the skills of the toughest raiding guilds out there.  We’re currently testing a number of sizes of raids, and experimenting with and designing new replayability and dynamic mechanics – and also competitive systems to reward not just those who can manage to finish a given permutation of a raid, but to reward even more strongly those who can clear it better than anyone else on the planet on a weekly basis.

So, these and other features are going through the crucibles of what turns out to be fun in the game, and we’re gathering feedback to that end.  We’re hearing opinions on raid sizes, raid durations, what elements should be dynamic week to week, and what should be static.  And we’ll continue to implement around this – but as we go into beta, we’ll stick to the cardinal rule:  if it’s not fun, we’ll iterate it to where it needs to be. Beta is a collaboration between our team and our testers, so the blessing and curse is that little is set in stone until we get a stamp of approval from the testers.

Next, PvP. We’ve seen tons of questions about how the freeform combat will work in PvP, and it’s tough to answer without actually showing you, but we’ve been doing weekly playtests internally of our arenas and Warplots, and so far, things are extremely fun. We won’t be diving too much into PvP details right now, but there will be much more to come in upcoming months.

Lastly, let’s talk about release date. Our mantra is “it’s ready when it’s ready” – and our schedules are pointing towards launching in 2013.  Signs point towards a strong beta and staying on track – but in many ways you’ll be the judge.  We’re trying to reach new levels of openness and communication by gathering feedback and data at events like the Arkship and soon at PAX East – where we’ll also share all-new information with press and fans about WildStar.

And most importantly let more people get hands-on with the latest state of the game.  After all, at Carbine we’re kinda allergic to smoke and mirrors, as best we can manage.

Thanks again for all your comments, and get ready for 2013: Year of the Snake WildStar!

-Jeremy Gaffney

Thanks again for participating in last week’s Uplink conversation! Remember to keep an eye on the #WSuplink hashtag for a heads up when we begin a new topic on Monday. Have a great weekend!

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