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We ought to always keep path with the development of the world, so that we could touch the newest information and update ourselves. Likewise, in the world of the net games, how can we players achieve the goal?

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Naturally, as for the wildstar, you had better concentrate on the wildstar updated news or information at regular time in the first place to master the trends of the hot game timely. Obviously, a variety of comments may appear, thus which needs your own resolving power. Surely, no matter what the comments vary, the center of the wildstar would not be change.

In the second place, you should cultivate the observation of the wildstar, through playing the games or going through the news, even when you are appreciating the discussion among the forums. Hence, you might grab the up-to-date information and step further than others, which is effective to getting higher scores and levels of you.

Last but not least, asking for more skills and learning from the experienced players is much more useful than you have ever expected. It’s an internal policy – we probably should have included that in our original email, and we will make sure that moving forward when we send out any additional emails with friend keys on them they will have this disclaimer in them.

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